It’s All About the Music

Black ‘n’ Blue have been playing together since forming in late 2012. In a short time the band has gone from strength to strength, gaining fans from all over the island of Phuket and beyond with their raw, funky and unique sound.

Not a band to be satisfied with just covering songs in the tried and tested way. Black ‘n’ Blue make all the songs they play their own by injecting them with their own flavour. Audiences are always captivated by their chemistry on stage and their natural flow. They are a professional band, but it always feels like you’re watching your friends playing on stage.

From Rock to Reggae, Blues to RnB, funky grooves and even a little country there is always something to remember after seeing and hearing Black ‘n’ Blue.

Black ‘n’ Blue are:

Rob Cooke – Lead Guitar & Vocals (England)
Rob is an accomplished, self-taught musician playing guitar and singing lead vocals with Black ‘n’ Blue. He is also a prolific songwriter and a qualified sound engineer. Rob’s life is music. He plays the roles of: Producer, recording mixing and mastering engineer, songwriter, musician, and independent recording artist – (at Rob C Music)

Peter Jensen – Rhythm Guitar (Canada)
Peter plays electric rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar. He is one of the driving forces and founding members of Black ’n’ Blue.

Glenn Fleagle – Bass/Acoustic guitar/Vocals (USA)
Glenn has been playing music for nearly half a century and is adept at several instruments. He also plays and sings acoustic renditions of many songs, both modern day and classic, which often forms the basis of our opening, softer sets at weddings and parties to get things warmed up nicely.

Mike Trinidad – Drums & Backing Vocals (Philippines)
With many years behind him as a professional musician, Mike holds down the groove like no other, providing the platform for a very tight-sounding and grooving outfit with some great backing vocals to top it off. He is also a choir master and a wizard with harmony.